Meet HealthJay

Getting Jazzed about a Senior Care App

The HealthJay App is revolutionary because its so easy to use. Families get safety alerts, and stay connected their seniors via chat when they are on-the-go! With HealthJay, retirement can be as fun as it could ever be.

HealthJay App for Care Buddies

HealthJay is Launching our suite of wearable, mobile, and web apps to enable families, friends, neighbors, and caregivers to achieve safety and health & wellness goals for seniors. A group of connected Care Buddies can track multiple seniors emergency events, geo-locations, activities, and more. And better yet, they can respond by working together with integrated group chat.

Free Trial

Sign up for our 30-day Free Trial today! We will email you a download link in mid-July.

Safety Features for Seniors

Simple! Simple! Simple! The HealthJay App is made for seniors and requires no technology skills. Our quick action button feature means no typing, no configuration, no hassle for our senior users. Available for both smart watch and mobile phones, it can detect falls, as well as geo-location / time-based events such as missed appointments, entering a dangerous area, or leaving somewhere safe at night, and has a panic button at the ready. A senior may also be reminded about scheduled activities such as taking their pills and upcoming appointments. The HealthJay App also keeps a senior up to date about what steps are being taken to provide them help. It’s so easy to use that Mom and Dad will actually use a senior app for the first time!

Responsive Features for Buddies

The HealthJay App can be used on mobile phones by each Buddy of a Care Circle. The event activity for each senior using the App on Smart Watch is available and each event’s action history may be browsed on mobile phones. Care Buddies can participate in immediate private group chat if an urgent event such as a confirmed fall is detected. Buddies may communicate by text, as well as quick action buttons such as “I’m on my way” or “Everything is OK”. Seniors are not required to do any work, except to carry the App for safety monitoring.

Web Admin for Caregivers

Our Web Admin App is designed to allow Senior Centers to elegantly manage hundreds of Care Circles at a time. It includes advanced search and filtering allowing for instantly contacting groups by activity interests, health needs, physical building and floor locations, and more. And these filtered searches may be saved as groups for future use. Simple administrative features allow for Circles to be created, and configured. Circles may be organically grown by sharing invitations, so the Senior Center does not need to be burdened by manually adding each member. By making use of Care Circles, the Senior Center effectively crowd sources help from a Seniors family, friends, neighbors, and caregivers.